TOMATO: from always harvesting 60, 70ton with liquid humus, production was increased to 110-115ton of harvest per ha.

WATERMELON: with VermiOrganicos products we achieve 25% more productivity and 20% less costs!

ALFALFA: “I had never lifted 100, 105 bales” and with liquid humus we had 30% more productivity, cheaper, better quality.

SUGAR CANE: the cost by half or sometimes even less! with very good productivity! helps with water absorption.

CHILE JALAPEÑO: the liquid humus improved the organic matter and the quality in the harvest!

TOMATO: Liquid humus, it made the harvest faster and more extensive; with excellent quality!

WALNUT: “we used the liquid humus from the seedling” and it improved: vigor, faster growth, excellent diameter, etc.

Leben VermiOrganicos Leben was used on these plants. The photo was taken 22 days after planning them.