Composta Easy Green
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    Easy Green

    Easy Green is an organic fertilizer generated by the “cachaza,” which is made of the sugar cane waste generated by Ingenio Tamazula, a sugar cane factory. We mix the “cachaza” with liquid humus generated by Red Californian worms… Read More

  • Composta Easy Green


    BioEarth is a very effective organic fertilizer generated by the droppings of Red Californian worms that are fed with sugar cane waste. This very nutritious humus helps plants to grow healthy and strong, and it helps the soil… Read More

  • Humus Liquido BioRain


    Our liquid humus BioRain is generated by sugar cane waste and droppings of Red Californian worms (Eisenia Fetida). BioRain is an organic nutrient, breeder of soil, accelerator of natural compost, and a healer of soils. It also helps… Read More

  • Agricultura Organica


    Leben is generated by mixing Easy Green (compost), BioEarth (solid humus), and zeolites. Easy green and BioEarth are generated from sugar cane waste and waste from Red Californian worms. We offer it in wholesale or in bags of… Read More