Humus (compost that results from the decomposition of organic matter or upper layer of the soil) is the organic fertilizer that results from the biological transformation carried out by the earthworm (Vermiculture) on biodegradable organic waste through the digestion process.

What is Vermiculture?

Also called worm casting, it is the use of the earthworm as a biological agent in the process of transforming residual organic preparations for practical purposes and on a large scale. Contrary to the beliefs that the earthworm feeds on living organic matter, they only consume dead or decomposing organic matter, such as manure, plants, animals, cane bagasse, maguey bagasse, crop and gardening residues, as well like paper, etc.


  • Color and smell
  • Solid blackish brown, with a mild smell peculiar to damp earth
  • In brown liquid with a penetrating odor peculiar to decomposing material (once applied the odor disappears in a period of 2 to 4 hours
  • Allows application in hydroponic crops and others
  • It is a stable compound and can be stored in optimal conditions for 6 months
  • Improves water retention and penetration, in addition to increasing aeration when mixed
  • Enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms, regenerating its microbial life and micro fauna, as well as increasing mineralization
  • It has biological activities due to the high microbial load which increases the resistance of plants to pests and diseases
  • Contains a large quantity of aggregates resistant to moisture, compaction, stable in extreme conditions
  • Improves the physiological characteristics of plants
  • It has phyto-hormonal activity, favoring the growth of the roots, especially in the germination of seeds
  • Our products are harmless to health and unlike conventional ones, they are not transmitters of pathogens