Agricultura Organica

Leben Germinador VermiOrganicosOur germinator Leben is generated by mixing our compost with our solid humus and zeolite. The cachaza and solid humus come from the waste of the sugar cane after it has been ground by the sugar mill.

We mix this organic compound with liquid worm humus to enrich it with beneficial microorganisms and it is oxygenated until it reaches the point required for its use as organic fertilizer.

Zeolite is activated with beneficial microorganisms, hydrolytic functional groups, enzymes, so we have a synergistic effect for the synthesis of organic matter. This germinator with the mixture of solid humus provides a balanced nutrition, having organic matter (compost) for an adequate development for the plant and its root system. But with the help of zeolite we have adequate drainage and / or adequate water collection.

Raw material
Compost, solid humus and zeolite.

In bulk in cubic meters or 50 liter sacks.

As a substitution of substrate for germination and development of all types of plants.