Easy Green

Easy Green Composta Vermiorganicos

EasyGreen Composta VermiOrganicos

Easy Green is a compost that functions as an organic, harmless, balancing, regulating and correcting soil nutrient, with high digestibility due to its high enzymatic and bacterial load. In our case, the raw material we use is only the sugar cane waste after it has been ground by the sugar mill.

It is a compost that improves aeration and water absorption in the soil, since compost can absorb and retain water 5 to 6 times its own weight. This helps the loss of soil making it more fertile and easier to till because it reduces compaction.

It also gives life to the earth (micro flora and micro fauna) with millions of beneficial living micro organisms, which help plants to absorb nutrients and at the same time act as natural “enemies” of pests, diseases, serving as biological control. Minimizing the continuous use of chemical pesticides; consequently this option represents a substantial saving in the cost of production!

It considerably increases the availability of all kinds of nutrients in plants, causing them to be better used by the plant since it unfolds the elements they contain to contribute them to the plant.

Helps to resist the action of the wind, droughts and floods of agricultural soils. The organic acids released during the decomposition of organic matter help dissolve the minerals found in the soil, making them easier for plants to take up.

Raw material
Sugar cane cachaza, and earthworm as a precursor.

In bulk by cubic meters or 50 liter sacks

To the soil as an organic fertilizer in all types of crops for soil recovery, seed germination and plant development. As a restructuring (physical properties) and regenerator (biological properties) of soils. The amount needed to fertilize your crop varies according to the type of plant and the type of soil you have.