Humus Liquido BioRain

BioRain Humus Liquido VermiOrganicos

BioRain is a liquid worm humus that functions as an organic nutrient, soil improver, composting accelerator, urban fly controller, tick, flea, bioregulator, soil corrector and with high digestibility due to its high enzymatic and bacterial load; thus achieving a rapid assimilation by the plants via the roots and / or leaves.

It produces an increase in the size of the plants, protects from diseases and pests as well as sudden changes in temperature and humidity. BioRain is produced by the Californian Red worm (Eisenia Fetida), fed with by-products of the sugar industry called cachaza, which is free of chemical contaminants or pesticides.

It has an ideal balance for plants in both microelements and trace elements, phytohormones, generating healthy, highly productive plants with fruits with a long shelf life and excellent quality. Improves the structure and aeration of the soil, increases the assimilation of nutrients and water retention capacity.

Contains 40 million microorganisms per gram of which the most important are: Azotobacter, Clostridium, Nitrobacter, Nitrisomonas, Nitrococcus, Nitrogen fixers.

Raw material
Sugar cane cachaza, and earthworm as a precursor.

In bulk pipes of 20, 30,000 Ltr, tanques of 1,000 Ltr or 20L container.

To the soil as an organic fertilizer in all types of crops for soil recovery, seed germination and plant development. As a restructuring (physical properties) and regenerator (biological properties) of soils. The amount needed to fertilize your crop varies according to the type of plant and the type of soil you have.