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BioEarth Humus Solido VermiOrganicos

This humus is very nutritious for plants, thus promoting their development and growth. In addition to keeping the soil clean and fertile as it retains moisture, prevents erosion, and causes the balance of the soil ecology.

Raw material
Cachaza of sugar cane and earthworm as a precursor.

In bulk in cubic meters or 50-liter sacks

To the soil as an organic fertilizer in all types of crops for soil recovery, seed germination, and plant development. As a restructuring (physical properties) and regenerator (biological properties) of soils. The amount needed to fertilize your crop varies according to the type of plant and the type of soil you have.

It also serves as a probiotic for any type of farm animals such as: chickens, cows, etc. with millions of beneficial living microorganisms, which help to exert beneficial physiological effects such as contributing to the balance of the host’s intestinal bacterial flora, enhancing the immune system.

In fish or shrimp:

  • Produces plankton in which it nourishes the fish and cleans the high oxygenation during the water of the fish manure residues, generating high oxygenation during the day
  • Avoid water exchange
  • They strengthen the intestine to counteract harmful bacteria and germs by modulating the immune system
  • Activating the absorption of vitamins, folic acid, calcium, proteins, zinc
  • Provides high-quality vitamins such as A, B, D, etc.
  • Helps with the control of pathogenic fungi
  • Reduces the fattening time because it avoids the stress of the fish in its development
  • Improved balance, help improve fattening periods by strengthening the immune system