Organic fertilization produces benefits for the farmer, the environment and the final producer. Organic fertilizers benefit the soil by making it richer in nutrients, these are released to the plants in a stable way and with a natural dosage, increasing their useful life (in addition to there being no danger of overdose).
Based on the above, a noticeable increase in production will be achieved, ripening will be accelerated, alternation will be minimized and the quality of production will be increased in size, flavor and shelf life.

VermiOrganicos products are totally uniform and do not expire, since as time passes they are more assimilable, in addition to nourishing any type of plant.

By using our products, the texture of the soil will be enriched by adding fibrous material that helps air and moisture the soil; avoiding compaction, allowing the root of the plant to grow stronger and faster. A better structure of the soil increases the capacity to store water, facilitates the transport and assimilation of nutrients for the plant, through enzymes, thus improving the health of the crop and making it more resistant to pests and diseases.

It benefits the soil, with organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae, enzymes, controlling fungi, viruses, etc. It achieves natural use by the plant to be cultivated by nourishing the soil with millions of microorganisms, regenerating life in the soils.

Advantages for the producer

  • Production cost is reduced by up to 50%
  • Neutralizes the PH of soils
  • Immediate absorption of nutrients by the amount of beneficial bacteria towards the plant
  • Longer shelf life of vegetables or fruits
  • The nutrient is assimilated uniformly giving fruits with excellent characteristics of color, flavor and size.
  • Greater safety for the farmer by not suffering intoxication in the handling of organic inputs
  • By nourishing with organic products it is more easily defended against pests and diseases
  • Foliar application prevents fungal diseases, viruses and fruit miscarriage

Advantages to the final consumer

  • Intensifies the flavor, color and nutrients of vegetables and fruits
  • By consuming vegetables or fruits that used nutrients from organic products, they give you a more complete and healthier diet, preventing possible diseases
  • Prevents diseases in reproduction of ornamental plants, intensifying the color and aroma of flower plants

Ecological benefits

  • More fertile soil
  • They do not pollute the water